So, You’ve Been Injured on the Job? What’s Next?

So, You’ve Been Injured on the Job? What’s Next?

slippery floorsImagine you work at a hardware store and your coworker just mopped the floor in aisle 4 because the ground was unsanitary. You walk over to aisle 4 to grab a tool for a customer but didn’t realize that your coworker had just mopped because there is no “wet floor” sign displayed. So, of course, you slip and fall down, causing you to hit your head on the floor, giving you a concussion.

This is just one of the countless scenarios that can result in a workplace injury. If something like this has already happened to you, then you may be wondering what you should do now that you’ve gotten injured on the job.

Here are some important steps you should follow immediately after an occupational injury of any kind:

  1. Alert Management and Collect All Information: If you fall on any slippery floors or get hurt on the job any other way, make sure you tell your boss immmediately. If you wait to tell your boss that you fell on slippery floors, you are only hurting your case. There are different time limits in which you are able to file a claim, but that varies from state to state. Even if you don’t think that it was a big deal, you still need to report the incident, since some injuries don’t appear until long after the incident.
  2. Go See a Doctor: If your injuries require you to be seen by a medical professional, check with your boss before you go. The reason for having to do this is because you might have to go see a specific doctor due to the worker’s compensation claim that you filed. Everything depends on your employer’s insurance.
  3. Reach Out to an Attorney: If your injuries are serious enough, working with an attorney to settle your claim might be helpful. This is especially helpful if a legitimate workers compensation claim has been denied or disputed by your employer or insurance company. If your injuries cause you to be out of work for the foreseeable future, then it’s important to get all of the legal help you can.

Most people underestimate the danger of slip and fall cases until they experience it firsthand. In reality, about 22% of any workplace slip and fall cases result in the employee missing over 31 days of work. That’s a lot of time off from work and a lot of lost wages.

When you are injured on the job, you are entitled to workers compensation. Unfortunately, the real world is rarely so simple. To protect yourself, be sure to follow the proper procedure following a workplace injury, and don’t hesitate to contact a slip and fall attorney if you have questions about the best way to proceed.

Finally, if you become injured on the job, don’t panic. There are some simple steps you can take to make sure that you are protected and that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

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